I am a Certified Project Manager (IPMA 394/10) ... The work of a Project Manager relies heavily on communication. This involves constant negotiations with the project team, with stakeholders, with commissioning parties, subcontractors, whose aim is to develop a solution that best satisfies the needs of the business. Working with people requires specific competencies such as the ability to efficiently operate in a changing environment, seize opportunities, talk to people, build their involvement in the project, resolve conflicts, build vision and support innovation.

Effective communication with partners is a complex configuration of skills which are essential  if we want to achieve synergy. On the one hand, it is important to be empathic - to understand the problems of others and find solutions for them; whilst on the other hand it is necessary to be resistant to pressure, calm and assertive. To be supportive, the leader needs to define the goal and organize the reality around them.

The commitment to work in a team becomes necessary and crucial, not only for the Project Manager, but also for the whole team, whose contribution to the solution can be considerable.

I conduct with my team a lot of restructuring, transformational, and implementation projects.


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