I specialize in financial issues including accounting, tax, payroll, auditing and have a broad understanding of management in commercial companies. I have nearly 20 years of experience in this field and am a professionally qualified Auditor, Tax Adviser, Project Manager, International Financial Engineering Specialist, International Management Trainer (Thames Valley University, London). The goal of THE WAY CONSULTING, which I am the President of, is to provide clients with a high quality service and the best, personalized and comprehensive business solutions. We want to be your partner and consultant, who listens to your needs whatever your business specialisation. With our extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience we are able to develop customized solutions to meet your expectations and help you develop your business. The strength of my company lies in our long-term commitment to our stable, professional relationships and satisfied clients. We provide services to clients not just throughout Poland but also across the European Union. We are currently working with partners in France, the Czech Republic and Italy among others.


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