International Trainer of Management of University Thames Valley in London, International Specialist of Financial Engineering de Ecole Superieure Commerce in France and the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Advisor and Consultant, Trainer from range of finance, taxes, wages, managements firm, Internal Auditor Licensed. Graduate of Economic University in Crakow on managing, marketing and finance and banking trade; in Katowice Economic Academy, International Business High School and Pedagogical High School. Owner of -consulting firm financially from 1998 AUDIT-PLUS; among others, work from 1995 on managerial positions chairman of polish-wide firm (director, president ) main area activity and specialization financial attendance (service  activity), tax -staff and in (to) over 150 firms in the area of country advisory and offices of cities; author many investment project, business of plan, study of feasibility of investment; restructurings of firms from organization for control of result; preparation and accustoming of strategy, paths of audit, evaluating of position of work, system of estimate of employee (staff), incentive systems, early warning of crisis in firm systems and system helping (aid) management firm in; postgraduate student on economic academy presently and articled clerk on fluent comptroller.

Professional licences:

Auditor (No 12746)
Auditor (No. 662/2004)
Accountant (No. 18875/00)
Tax Advisor (No. 11712)
Project Manager IPMA 394/2010
Insurance Agent (No. 181425/99)


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