My activities are based, among others, on:

• comprehensive recruitment of employees for the desired position
• selection of profiles for the company's strategy
• analysis of recruitment documents (CV, cover letters, other)
• creation of organizational structures
• identification of task areas
• mentoring
• professional coaching
• preparing documents: among others, personal records, other documentation required by the Labour Law and Regulations
• training staff
• implementation of tools to support client’s own HR management process, i.e. job evaluation, job descriptions, interim evaluations
• introducing a model to warn companies of forthcoming crises

HR Specialist

I am passionate about behavioural and social psychology ... I believe that employees are the most important asset of a company. That is why it is so important in the recruitment process to best match the candidates with the organization in which they work. Such recruitment requires intuition and the help of professionals with years of experience in the industry.

In so doing, I am mainly guided by one goal: to recruit effectively, ensuring both the interests of our clients, as well as the expectations, motivations and ambitions of the people employed. After all, a company is an organization formed by PEOPLE!

Tax Advisor

I have legal permission to operate as a Tax Adviser (Registered No. 11712) and a license from the Minister of Finance to offer accounting services (No. 18875/00)

I offer the following services:
• tax consultancy:  advice and explanations of taxes for entrepreneurs;
• accounting services: complete outsourcing
• preparation of tax declarations;
• HR and payroll services – complete outsourcing
• tax optimization analysis and advice
• taxpayer representation before the tax administration authorities;


I also have:

qualifications for teaching adults at the Ministry of Education,
• Certified In-House Trainer
• Certified NLP Trainer and others in the field of psychology.
I am the author of many management tools such as employee evaluation and motivation systems, career and job evaluation, competency models, early warning systems; author of numerous articles in various magazines: eg. HR, Controlling, Jobs ...

I invite you to cooperate with THE WAY CONSULTING in the following areas:

- research and reviews of financial statements,
- tax advice and accounting,
- company evaluation,
- supervision of invoice and tax records
- handling mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of business entities,
- training activities dealing with accounting and commercial law,
- creating accounting policies,
- comprehensive bankruptcy services,
- outsourcing the function of chief accountant,
- assessing the competence of candidates in the recruitment of staff accountants,
- preparing balance sheets and tax declarations,
- auditing projects financed from EU grants,
- services connected with the provisions of the Law on Commercial Companies.

Management Trainer, Lecturer

I am a Certified Management Trainer at Thames Valley University in London, with certified competence in six areas .... A well-trained workforce not only improves the image of your company but also its profitability!

The training process consists of:
• Informing employees of their progress, and helping them to achieve their optimum
• Supervising and delegating responsibility (to make the employee fully aware of the importance of their actions, and what they can do to achieve promotion).
• Promoting education.
• Participating in training by encouraging and motivating employees to analyze major issues.


I am a legally qualified professional Auditor (No. 12746) and Internal Auditor (No. 662/2004).

Auditors are most often identified with the checking of financial statements. However, more often than not, auditors - due to their broad, interdisciplinary perspective, extensive analytical experience and other specialisations - are expected to not only verify historical financial data, but also to look to the future and identify both the opportunities and threats facing the organization. Therefore, the range of services that have been provided by auditors to evolve with the market is constantly expanding. My experience working with different companies, various lines of business and at different positions is a rich source of knowledge and I can provide a wide range of support to the Client in accordance with market expectations

Project Manager

I am a Certified Project Manager (IPMA 394/10) ... The work of a Project Manager relies heavily on communication. This involves constant negotiations with the project team, with stakeholders, with commissioning parties, subcontractors, whose aim is to develop a solution that best satisfies the needs of the business. Working with people requires specific competencies such as the ability to efficiently operate in a changing environment, seize opportunities, talk to people, build their involvement in the project, resolve conflicts, build vision and support innovation.

Effective communication with partners is a complex configuration of skills which are essential  if we want to achieve synergy. On the one hand, it is important to be empathic - to understand the problems of others and find solutions for them; whilst on the other hand it is necessary to be resistant to pressure, calm and assertive. To be supportive, the leader needs to define the goal and organize the reality around them.

The commitment to work in a team becomes necessary and crucial, not only for the Project Manager, but also for the whole team, whose contribution to the solution can be considerable.

I conduct with my team a lot of restructuring, transformational, and implementation projects.

Examples of optimization:

• Selecting the type and method of taxation (monthly, quarterly, linear, flat rate, etc.)
• Simplifying the accounting process
• Merging, dividing and transforming companies
• Purchasing investments
• Financing economic activities - internal and external
• Optimizing Staff
• Calculating transactions with related business entities

Our main areas of business activity are

• Tax advisory services
• Auditing services

• Internal auditing services
• Full support for financial and tax advising, accounting, HR, Payroll of domestic and foreign companies
• Restructuring of companies and departments - from their formation to monitoring their results
• Preparation of investment projects, business plans, feasibility studies
• Development of HR systems including incentive systems, periodic assessment systems and other systems supporting company management
• Providing training and coaching
• Financial and HR software development
• Media Cooperation

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